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We are 2 Roosters a Promotional Products and Marketing Solutions Company

Our goal is to provide you with the best solution for your marketing and promotional products needs. Whether you need help creating a marketing program for a special event or you need a mobile-friendly, e-commerce company store solution our expert staff is here to help.

The name 2 Roosters comes from a story about my Dad.  After graduating from college he drove the ambulance on the grave yard shift.  He would get off at about 7 in the morning and go to bed. His Uncle whom lived next door had 2 Roosters that would crow at all odd hours never at sunrise, always around 9 am right under his window and the second rooster would crow about 30 minutes later waking my father up.  He always said that he would fix those 2 Roosters he saved his money up, then one day he snatched the 2 Roosters up and took them to the taxidermist. Everyone looked for those 2 Roosters for days.  They just determined that someone had either stolen those 2 Roosters or some animal had eaten them. After my fathers  Uncle died my father sat those 2 Roosters in the living room and there they sat until he died in 2014